Community Supported Agriculture

Community supported agriculture can be categorised in three main types;


A farm owned by the community - employ a farm manager.


The farmer owns the farm Subscribers buy an annual share in the produce and contribute some labor to the running of the operation.


The farm is wholly owned by the farmer who also does all the work. The farmer delivers the produce directly to committed families and restaurants

We have suspended our CSA for the time being as we try for semi-retirement. We leave this here for your information.

At Purple Pear we practice the “RELATIONSHIP MARKETING” model.

On our property at Anambah, near Maitland, we have a mandala market garden and mixed farm. Community members commit to a weekly box of vegetables as seasonally available. The box price is fixed and the value fluctuates according to food available from the garden. Members pay weekly on delivery of the box. Delivery is made to a central point, (the Linuwel school, East Maitland), or picked up from the farm.

Fresh Food - Purple Pear Farm
Fresh Food - Purple Pear Farm

We decided early that the focus should be on every day food to fill basic family requirements. Fancy food can take the same effort to grow but give you higher returns, but good food is important and carrots, cabbage, and potatoes are needed each week by families. Purple Pear Farm have faced drought, hail, storms and flooding and our subscribers face some of this risk with us through occasional lack of variety or volume.  Feed back is sought continually about content and variety and visits are always welcome.