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The concept of permaculture was established by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the late 1960s. It looks to nature and especially the forests as a model for sustainable agriculture with the elements working together in symbiotic relationships.

Agriculture Courses & Farm Tours - Purple Pear Farm School

Courses and Farm Tours

Permaculture is a whole systems approach to ecological planning and design – a way of thinking, based on positive and creative solution-finding, which provides tools for working towards long term sustainability.

Birthday Parties - Purple Pear Farm School


Purple Pear Farm is a working farm with ducks, geese, chickens, pigs, guinea pigs, goats, cows and ponies for children to feed and pet. Children can wander through the market gardens and see food as seasonal produce.

Agriculture Courses & Farm Tours - Purple Pear Farm School


Here is an opportunity to be involved in growing your own food, learning from others and supporting people who are likewise engaged in this community building activity. 

Children`s Activities - Purple Pear Farm School


These morning farm tours are aimed at parents with small children. They are slow paced and feature a chance to feed, pat and cuddle various animals such as guinea pigs, ponies, cows, ducks, geese, pigs and chickens.